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RokuRemote allows you to control any Roku Soundbridge device (including Pinnicale branded devices) that is connected to your home network. You can select internet stations, presets, FM/AM radio, playlists, artists, albums, genres and songs using search filtering to find exactly what you want to play. The remote allows you to alter volume, repeat and shuffle status, as well as giving you information of the current song being played with pause, next and previous controls.

Also your Roku Soundbridge device must have firmware 3.0 or higher to work with RokuRemote.

Main Features

- Auto-discovery of Roku devices, as well as manual add via IP addressing.
- Full Landscape Visual Remote (Except MP500/MP400XP).
- Music server databases stored locally for improved load times (requires initial sync).
- Overview of devices showing whats playing on each device/status.
- Quick access to the “Now Playing” screen on each device.
- Internet radio by favourites, top stations, genre, location and language.
- Preset and FM/AM radio controls.
- List by song, artist, album, genre, container (folders) or playlist with search or keyword filtering.
- Displayed album artwork and song lyrics (Requires internet connection).
- Tracks ordering preserved and alphabetic indexing.
- Full queue management with add song functionality.
- Remote controls include play, pause, next, previous, volume, repeat, shuffle, power off and reboot.
- Progress bar show status of current song.
- Set defaults for downloading of artwork/lyrics in your main settings.
- Will work with all Roku languages.

Tested Music Servers

- Firefly
- iTunes
- Windows Media Player
- TVeristy

How do I add my roku device?

Start the app and click “Add Device”. A new screen will appear where you can select a discovered device on your network, or you can select “Add Manual Device” to enter a manual IP Address. You will also be able to enter a friendly-name for your device (this is used mainly if you have more than one roku devices in your household). The IP Address can be found out by going to your roku device and navigating to Configuration -> Wifi Status and then scroll down to the “IP Address” section. (It should look like 192.168…. or 10.0….). Once you have entered these two details, click “Add Device”. The device should then be listed for you to select.

Internet Radio favourites does not show anything to play?
Please make sure you have setup Internet Radio favourites, go to for more details

How do I change the name displayed for my Roku Device in the “Discovered Devices” section
The app grabs the roku names from the devices themselves, the easiest way to change the names is to:
- Open a web browser
- Navigate to each of your roku’s web page,
- Click configuration on top of the page
- On Player Name, enter the name you want for that device
- Repeat for the other 2
- Restart all 3 devices and the app and everything should be named correctly

Where do the Lyrics come from?
Lyrics are provided by

“Large wiki style database of song lyrics with real time suggestions, related music videos and links to DRM-free mp3′s.”