Fix for RDS Gateway taking too long on ‘Initial Connection’

Just found a quick fix to stop your Remote Desktop Services Gateway sessions taking forever to setup initially. In the ‘Advance’ tab, under the ‘Connect from anywhere’ setting, untick the ‘Bypass RD Gateway server for local addresses’. That’s it! Apparently there is a bug in the RDP 6.1 which means that it always tries to connect using RDP normal port of 3389 before then trying to use the RDS Gateway, even when you enter a non-local address!

Multicasting 101

Just found a really good article on how multicasting works, which is something I am using in my project at the moment.

Creating CSR’s for SAN certificates

After setting up an Exchange server for the company that I work for, I came across a website tool that creates SAN certificate request, which Windows Server Certificate Authorities can issue! This solves a massive problem with Exchange wanting to use different subdomains (, etc… as well as your usually and over SSL in IIS.

Heres the link, hope you find it useful:

RokuRemote v2.1 is now Apple approved!

- New artwork providers: AllCDCovers and Google Images. The provider can be altered with the iPhone settings.
- Background downloading of artwork after album lists are downloaded.
- Artwork is not lost after refreshing lists.
- Altered lyrics provider to for a better database.
- Syncing has been replaced with caching to improve list loading speeds dramatically. Caching can also be disabled in iPhone settings.
- Option to disable fit-to-size of long text on screen in the iPhone settings.
- Disabled sleep mode during list downloading and better recovery from failed list downloads.
- Additional feedback of adding tracks to the queue for iPod Touch`s that do not vibration.
- Queue Management allows for deleting tracks within the queue list with a finger swipe across the track name.
- Composer lists now supported.
- Compilations are held together through album listing.
- Add search and alphabetic indexing to container lists.
- Updated the application icon.
- Changed to a purple theme to match the Roku theme colours and rearrangement of remote so volume control is always on display.
- Switched the volume controls + and – on the landscape remote.

RokuRemote v2.0 gains Apple approval!

Version 2.0 will finally be hitting Apple’s app store within the next 24 hours. You can find the change log below:

Full Visual Remote (Except MP500/MP400XP)
Queue Management/Song Add
Alphabetic Indexing
Syncing of artists/albums/genres which means once synced its super quick!
Query by Genre, Containers (Folders)
Overview of devices show whats playing on each device/status
Quick access to Now Playing screen on each device
Better Internet Radio support including browse by genre, language, locations and favourites
Artwork and Lyrics fixed
Track ordering fixed
General bugs and speed fixes

Site update and oath to blog more

I’ve just completed a complete site update, as this site had become a bit neglected over the past few months (maybe nearly a year). University took over a huge part of my life during the last year, with major deadlines for my final year project, dissertation, module projects and essays. This lead to a lot of things that I had started up, like this blog and even my baby (RokuRemote), getting left to one side.

However, I have now seen the light at the end of the tunnel and even travelled through it! My free time has slowly increased as I’ve learnt to adapt to the world of work and relationships. I therefore (and I’m sure you’ve heard this on many peoples blogs before) have decided to take an oath with myself to try and blog regularly from now on, to gather and express my experiences whether it be as a developer or just in the normal day-to-day goings of life. Call it my New-Years resolution (being I didn’t create one this year).

I hope whatever I post over the coming months will be helpful for someone out there, even if its just for me to keep a diary of the many different things I get up to.


RokuRemote Update

Hi guys/gals, sorry its been a long time since the last post. Many things have happened since then.

Anyways, I just wanted to drop a line anout the next update to RokuRemote.

As you are probably aware, the lyrics service I was using within RokuRemote has stopped working due to licensing issues.This has now also happened to the album artwork service as well. So you will have to bare with me until the update is pushed out for these to be fixed.

The update is being coded as fast as possible (without neglecting quality), but is taking sometime due to the re-write of the code from the ground up. I decided to do this as version 3.0 of the iPhone software made some very big changes into the way that networking is dealt with, and by re-coding the remote to use this new infrastructure will mean a much more reliable connection to your Roku device. Also, the method in which song/album/artist etc… lists are retrieved from the Roku device has been changed to a sync method. This will mean when you access your libraries the first time will take sometime while a sync takes place, but from then on afterwards library access will be instant, which you will hopefully find a much better way to use the remote.

As for timescale on the update, I have set dates several times but due to life pressures and the fact I do this in my spare time all I can tell you is that the update is coming, it is being coded and it will be released free of charge to people who have already bought the app. All I can ask is for your patience please and hopefully in the end you’ll like the end product!

RokuRemote v1.1 Released

Finally, after a coding cock-up by me (bloody null-pointers) and waiting for apple to give the check-over, v1.1 is now available to download through the iTunes App Store. For those who have v1.0, you should be able to find the update in your app store update view (and of course all updates are free!!!!)

Below is a list of features added for version 1.1, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

- Auto-discovery of Roku devices, as well as manual add via IP addressing
- Play internet radio favourites
- Preset and FM/AM radio controls
- Artist -> Album -> Song workflow
- Song lyrics (Requires internet connection)
- Artwork and lyrics caching
- Custom album artwork selection from your photo album
- Switch alarms on/off
- Toggle sleep time (Off – 90 mins)
- Tracks ordering preserved
- General bugs and speed fixes


Bonjour Greatness

Well after a fun and exciting day, it was pointed out to me that I could use bonjour to automatically discover roku devices and make the setup process even easier.

So I went off on my web travels and started messing about, seeing how bonjour worked and how I could use it in my app. When I final found the “good-stuff”, I was amazed at the¬†simplicity¬†of the code required:

NSNetServiceBrowser *browser = [[NSNetServiceBrowser alloc] init];
[browser setDelegate:self];
[browser searchForServicesOfType:@"_roku-rcp._tcp." inDomain:@"local."];

Basically, this tells the app to find any roku services on the local network, all in 3 lines!!! And for the delegate method:

- (void)netServiceBrowser:(NSNetServiceBrowser *)aNetServiceBrowser didFindService:(NSNetService *)aNetService moreComing:(BOOL)moreComing {
if([aNetService getInputStream:&iStream outputStream:&oStream]) {
//open streams
} else {
//close streams

All the hard work of fetching streams, finding and setting port and host/ip data is all done for you. Once the streams have been opened and delegated your ready to go :D

RokuRemote Released

Well might as well start this blog with a bang!

I have been developing an iPod Touch/iPhone remote application to control Roku music devices and it has finally been accepted by apple today for release.

So far feedback has been great!

To keep up with developments of new features, please visit the roku forums